Windows Phone Internal Data Recovery

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Every smartphone ran by Windows Operating System has an internal memory with plenty of data storage. But what to do in case the phone suffers any kind of physical damage, and you cannot access the pictures? Or a virus corrupts the stored data? Or maybe you deleted some files completely by mistake, and you do not know what to do to get them back. In any of these cases, a Windows Phone Internal Memory Data Recovery is required, and for that you need a good recovery tool.

The one thing you really need to do here now is NOT put any new data on the device. This means no new photos, no music file downloads and no copying of anything; doing so can and will reduce the chances of getting your files back intact, or getting them at all.

Internal Data Recovery Walkthrough

The first step is to download and install a good Windows Phone File Recovery Software and the Salvage Data Recovery is one of the high-recommended tools to do the job; it is easy to use and the scan is done properly and deep.

Plug your Windows Phone directly into the computer and wait for it to be detected and recognized as an external drive. Once it is identified you can start the recovery;

  • Launch Salvage Software and select the drive you want to recover your data from.
  • Press ‘’Next’’ button to begin the scan for lost or damaged files.
  • The recovered files start to show up one by one. Simply select the ones you want to retrieve and click ‘’Recover’’ button to save them.

The process is simple and quick, and works the exact same way when recovering data from your SD memory card, which you can take out of your phone and insert directly into your computer or you can retrieve the wanted files with the direct insertion of the phone. Just select the correct drive for the data recovery to begin.

But what if the Windows Phone doesn’t show on the computer as a drive letter? In that case you need to enable mass storage on your Windows Phone.

Enabling mass storage

There is more than way to enable mass storage, but let’s have a look at the quick option;

  • Download and launch a USB Enabler tool compatible with your Windows Phone. This tool allows you to use the phone as a USB drive.
  • Press the ‘’Enable’’ button and then just hit ‘’Quit’’. Don’t worry, the enabling process doesn’t affect your phone at all, and it is easy to unable it at any time.
  • Reconnect your Windows Phone to your computer and this time it will show as a drive letter

From here on out you can go on with the procedure of data recovery like explained earlier.

If the data loss happened because of any serious physical damage to your Windows Phone and you cannot retrieve the SD card or insert the connection cable into the phone, it would be best to have a trained expert through our website who take care of the problem and provides you full time support to retrieve back everything. Live Hassle free, just logon to our website to find out our different types of recovery services or to contact us if you have any query.