Top 5 Smart TV Frequently Asked Questions Every Buyer Must Know

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All of us have heard about Smart TVs. However, have you ever wondered whether all that fuss about smart TVs are true or not? If you are considering buying one, you definitely want to know everything about it, as well as understand whether it is worth the money or not.

Here we have answered top 5 questions concerning a smart TV. Simply go through them and surely by the end you will know much more about a smart TV than you do now.

Questions concerning a smart TV

  1. What is a smart TV?

Most of us have heard the term “SMART TV”, but don’t really know what it means. Originally these televisions were known as ‘connected TVs’. However, later on companies like Samsung and LG marketed it as ‘Smart TVs’.

The term stands for any TV which can be connected to internet and thereby access to streaming media services. It can even run entertainment applications, web browsers, on-demand video services, etc. A smart TV comes with numerous features like:

  • Voice recognition
  • Camera recording
  • Life size video calling
  • Multiple command
  • Accessories like gaming remotes, 3D glasses, etc.
  1. How does a smart TV connect to internet?

Just like a computer, you can connect your smart TV to internet via a wired Ethernet connection or a Wi-Fi. Most of the models now have a built-in Wi-Fi. However, it is recommended that you double check before making the purchase. The latest models come with fastest 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard. Now, if you are planning to cut the cord in future, a model with faster Wi-Fi hookup will prove to be helpful.

  1. Does a Smart TV hang or crash like a computer?

Yes, they do. A smart TV uses computer chips to ensure video processing, juggle multiple screen, and internet connection. Also, a smart TV needs memory for buffering videos and music as well as extra processing power to work with graphics. In simple words, just like mobiles have become computers so have smart TVs.

  1. Is it sensible to buy a Smart TV instead of a cheaper TV with set-top box?

It’s just a matter of time that all the TV models will have built in smart services. Today, the cost of smart TVs and normal TVs isn’t that different. It can be estimated that a smart TV is a few hundred dollars more expensive. Besides, it is not only about the smart features, as Smart TV even offers better picture quality, more HDMI ports, etc. In simple words, you get more benefits with a smart TV than internet connection and application accessibility.

  1. Is there still a need of cable box with Smart TV?

Well, if you wish to get your current channels then yes you will need a cable box. However, if you can find your programs on internet websites, then there is no need for cable. For instance, you can connect to Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc. and watch your programs online anytime.

So, that is all you need to know about a smart TV before buying one. Lastly, make sure to compare different models of different companies in order to get the best suitable product. Product comparison websites like can help a lot in this and also inform you about ongoing discounts and sales.