Premium credit card – what is a premium card?

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If you are a frequent traveler then Premium credit card from any of the bank is generally suitable to manage your stuff. It is special for those who have to travel two more times once in a year. Through your premium credit card, you can earn lot bonuses and other facilities. If we talk about Dubai, the banking sector is very much interested in such type of services. As credit card and especially premium cre3idt card are such offers that maximum gab customers and most of them belong to an elite class and they are considered in the category go big spenders and big investors. So that’s the reason banking sector in Dubai benefits these clients through such type of services so that they can enjoy the ease and on the other hand bank can produce maximum investment through them.  So, those who travel several times a year should consider paying the $450 annual fee for some of the additional benefits in the form of airport lounges to avoid from the rush that is mostly open for all.  While $450 may seem like a lot at first, once you add up the value of those benefits, and factor in the travel statement credits often offered with a premium credit card, you’ll find the annual fee drops significantly because for a frequent traveler it’s not a big amount on annual basis but the benefits and perks on the hand are very much according to their needs and interests.

Premium credit card – Mashreq Platinum elite Card

As we mentioned above about the banking sector of Dubai that is duly involved in providing many services through credit cards and in the form other offers. Here we only mention the most important and oldest bank of Dubai I mean to say Mashreq bank. How Mashreq bank is covering credit card facilities and most importantly through a platinum credit card that has amazing features and offers. This card is very useful for those that give preference to their status and knows how to earn money through money.

Following are the some benefits of platinum premium credit card

If you are a permanent account holder in Mashreq bank, the bank will provide you with a premium credit card with a high credit limit. In this way, you can use your credit limit in different financial matters.

Mashreq platinum premium credit card at the $450 to $550 price per annum gives you feature a membership in one or more airport business lounge programs — this is standard. These lounges offer travelers a refuge from crowded terminals, where they can enjoy free food, drinks, and internet service. Believe me, the airport free lounge access services are very amazing and you can wait for your flight in a peace and comfortable environment.

This Premium credit card also responsible for damage and theft protection, extended warranty coverage, and numerous travel insurance policies that go far beyond what you can find on a minimum instalment per annum. These policies are very attractive as the bank provides you with insurance policies on the spot and you can save your money and time. Suppose you are coming back from a journey and your luggage will be misplaced that is not happened often but there might a probability and after that, through your premium credit card you can claim for your loss and bank will be responsible to cover your loss.

Latest features of platinum premium credit card

Mashreq bank has added some new and amazing features to this program. These new features also make more worthy the services of Mashreq bank.

If you have an account in Mashreq bank and you are already taking the services of credit card then after your expiry term you do not need to renew your card, and you can use the same facilities in the next coming year. This means that suppose you are on a visit and it was your last day of premium credit card services, and immediately you have to pay some payments for different products. Now do not worry as most of the bank’s demands to renew your best credit card in Dubai, but through platinum elite credit card, you can enjoy your services even after the expiry of your card because your card has been renewed and you will get a notification through your Smartphone.

Through your platinum credit card, you can take 25 lounges across GCC and key destinations as mentioned on the website of the Mashreq bank.

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Premium credit card is very useful for people who are frequent traveler and in this regard Mashreq bank provide best credit card facilities.